Hey, An Arcade Stick With Ostrich Leather On It

Hey, An Arcade Stick With Ostrich Leather On It

Hoping to stand out in a market filled with game tie-ins and garish colours, peripheral manufacturer Neo Legend has hooked up with snooty French fashion brand Hoon to release this ridiculously fancy arcade stick.

I could not possibly do the item description justice, so here it is in its entirety:

Manufactured in a specialised Parisian workshop, everything was entirely made by hand. The midnight blue and white arcade stick of lacquered oak wood and corners cased in ostrich leather bring a unique aesthetic to the videogame world.

Well, ostrich leather brings something to the video game world.

Peripheral purists should know the faceplate is made by Japanese specialists Sanwa, and that it’ll work on a PC, PS3 or Xbox 360.

The “HOON ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM” (their caps, not ours) will be out later this month. If you’re a drug kingpin, lottery winner or rap star, you can pre-order one here. No word on price, but nothing “manufactured in a specialised Parisian workshop” comes cheap.


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