Hey, Moron, Nice Pokéballs

There are people who have got Pokémon tattoos who will regret that decision in ten years time. And then there's this guy, who will have many more regrests than that, and a whole lot sooner.

He's had his arm modified. Cut open at the elbow and small lumps inserted beneath the skin in what those in the trade call a "subdermal implant".

Making it look like he has six Pokéballs somehow running down the side of his arm.

I just...why would you...sigh.

Video Game Art - The ultimate Pokemon body mod [Go Nintendo]


    I don't even like tattoos so this is even more disgusting.

    Most effective contraception ever.

    Two words: skin droop.

    Dumbest. Idiot. Ever.

    WHAT!? Idiotic doesn't even begin to describe this guy.

    Good luck trying to get a decent job you loser, no one would want to hire him now.
    You wouldn't even get hired at MacDonald's for having those ear hole things.

    Lol it looks like he used paint to give himself a goatee.

    This person is an unbelievable fool, honestly if something happened to him it would clean the human gene pool

    That is the dumbest thing I will ever seen.

    Looks like some sort of strange, Pokeball-coloured udder growing out of his forearm.

    Shit look at that scar, it looks like he got it from a monkey

    too bad he wont be catching any girls with those pokeballs

    I wonder if the surgery made him sign an NDA to stop him from telling people what company in good conscience took his money and did this to him.

    Doctors don't do this procedure. You go to a body mod artist. It's not illegal, but the guy doing body mods isn't allowed to anesthesia.

    wow, what a tollerable and understanding community we have here....seriously, you people are no better then those that outed homosexuals back in the 50's. It is fine if you dont like it, that is your choice, but respect his decision to get it done. and obvously the mods arent doing their jobs, bc none of the abpve cpmments follw the guidelines
    "We're looking for comments that are interesting, substantial or highly amusing. If your comments are excessively self-promotional, obnoxious, or even worse, boring, you will be banned from commenting. All comments are moderated."

    and F.Y.I I am not a personal fan of body mods myself, but that doesnt mean I can rip on someone who does...shame on you all.

      "you people are no better then those that outed homosexuals back in the 50′s"

      Amazing. You managed to compare homophobia and stupidity like it was the most natural thing in the world. Perhaps you should take a breath before commenting next time.

      This comparison is ridiculous.

      He chose to get it done, the results are out there for everyone to see - he clearly posed for photos - and last time I checked nobody was calling him less of a human being. Just a silly one.

      We're not villifying him or making him out to be someone less deserving of basic human rights.

      We're just agreeing and pointing out that the fact he decided to get this done is the single stupidest thing most of us has ever seen.

      I take it you have a problem with the Darwin awards as well?

      *.seriously, you people are no better then those that outed homosexuals back in the 50′s.*

      Im sorry but this would have to be the stupidest thing of all time, how dare you say that something like this is the same as people bashing something that is natural and beautiful. Something that to this day is still hard to live with. How dare you.

      I am disgusted.

      Ladies and Gentlemen, it is exactly the same, prejudice is prejudice. You didn't like something, so you ripped on it... without even knowing the individual or why he chose to do it....

        With respect, it is very much not the same, and comparing the two trivialises the experiences of people who suffered real prejudice at a time when this was often backed up by violence instead of random comments on an internet forum.

        Nobody exposed this man in order to ridicule him. He presumably posed for photos and uploaded them knowing very well that some people would find his motivations obscure. No doubt many people admire what he's done, if nothing else he's being creative.

        Body art is a choice - and one had had to decide to make. He isn't being made fun of because of something he had no control over - he's being made fun of precisely because he had control. Nobody is saying he's inhuman, or abnormal, or dangerous - just that he made an odd choice with (to me) unfathomable motivations.

        Perhaps the criticism is a little over the top. But to compare the ramblings of a few posters on the internet - where the worst epithet is 'moron' - with an organised campaign against gay and lesbian people claiming that they were somehow less than human beings is insensitive if not insulting.

    The comments really make this article.

    I actually have a tattoo of a single pokeball on my forearm.
    I get so many comments from people coming into my work, which I got hired for after the owner noticed I had a pokeball tattoo (mind you I work in a game store).

    Random people on the street stop me occasionally and say that it's awesome.

    But what this guy did. Oh man that is stupid.

    Old news is old.

    People balk at subdermal implants now, but I don't see any reason why they can't be as acceptable as other body mods, like tattoos or stretchers. They're probably less regrettable as tattoos since they can be just as easily removed as they can be inserted. I think it's great that he felt his tattoos could be enhanced by another mod, unlike most who get subdermals in obscure places for seemingly no reason.

    I consider myself pretty tolerant, I love my brother despite catch up lunchs inevitably leading to conversations about his various piercings and the infections from them.

    But one look at this guy shakes my faith in the human race to its core. Does he not realise that one day he may want to earn an income and no human being is going to sit in an interview room with him and think, 'this is the guy I want to hire'.

    From the Urban Dictionary:
    Nerdtard - Someone who is a nerd and a retard. Used when they do something stupid and nerdy.

    What an idiot. Not so much the fact that he got the subdermal implants, more so that they're for Pokemon tattoo's. LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!

    That's some shocking stitch work.

    I don't think it's a goatee I think it's a piercing. It matches the one in his nose.

    Also as a gay person I'd like to offer thanks for comparing our plight to someone who has modified their body.

    Awesome work!

    Don't listen to the haters above, they were born to be massive downers.

    Hope the swelling from that stitching goes down, it's looking pretty nasty at the moment, but the lumpiness is nice and consistent and matches your muscle tone well.

    Any plans for the other arm?

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