Homefront: The Revolution Will Be Televised

Homefront: The Revolution Will Be Televised

Homefront: The Revolution Will Be TelevisedHomefront interests us. It’s a game that takes the military shooter formula and twists it, a game that takes its US setting and twists it. In fact, Homefront looks like it’ll make a solid living taking what’s familiar and adding a disorientating twist – as this new trailer demonstrates.

This trailer focuses less of the game’s well designed universe and more towards your reasons for fighting. Homefront may end up being a story driven shooter with a story worth following – it’s been a while since we’ve had one of those!


  • “Obey the Great Leader and you will have freedom” — Nice oxymoron on that poster.

    I have high hopes for this game. 17th on March is the release date here I believe.

    • I hope you won’t actually be able to demolish a motorway with simple gun fire (1:07).
      I hope it will take a rocket or 2 or at least if using heavy guns you need to take out the pillars.

  • Really looking forward to this game!!! Particularly the single player. Have been since they posted the first trailer. Wow.

  • It will be interesting to see whether non Americans will be able to enjoy the story and have the same level of emotional involvement as Americans or whether it will just come off as boring American patriotism standing in front of their flag with a gun in one hand and a burger in the other type of thing.

    • That sounds like the angle they’re pushing, unfortunately. The whole “second American revolution” thing.

      It still sounds like a great story, but probably not something universal.

      • This is why Mass Effect 2 gets more attention. HUMANITY focused on an outside threat, with people from (based on voices/voice artists):

        – America (Shepard and *numerous* others)
        – Scotland/Ireland (Normandy’s Engineers)
        – Britain (Normandy’s Doctor)
        – Australia (Miranda)
        – and more!

  • Just play it as a fight against totalitarianism. Okay, it is set in North America, but it doesn’t mean you couldn’t imagine it anywhere.

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