Homefront’s Delay Will Help THQ “Dominate” Retail In 2011

Homefront’s Delay Will Help THQ “Dominate” Retail In 2011

We’ve just gotten word from THQ that Homefront’s release date has slipped by one week to March 17 – a delay that seems tailored to help their prize IP make a bigger splash at retail.

“We moved our Homefront launch date by one week to March 15th (17th AU),” claimed THQ’s CEO Brian Farrell. “We think we have a great opportunity to dominate retail on this date.”

THQ has also released their figures their third quarter – revealing that one of the big successes for the company during this period was uDraw – they’ve shifted over 1.2 million units.

“We posted a strong holiday quarter led by our new uDraw GameTablet,” said Farrell, “which shipped 1.2 million units. This owned intellectual property provides THQ with a new growth opportunity focused on innovative and creative game play,” said Farrell.

New IP seems to have been a huge priority for THQ over the past few years, and into 2011, and their investment in launching Homefront as a blockbuster franchise is testament to this fact. THQ are expecting big things from 2011, with Homefront, De Blob 2 and WWE All Stars releasing early this year, leading into the prospective release of Saints Row 3 in Spring 2011, and Red Faction Armageddon.

“Fiscal 2012 will be driven by the strongest core games line-up in our history,” stated Farrell, “including: Red Faction Armageddon, Warhammer 40,000 Space Marine, MX vs. ATV Alive and the newest installment of our Saints Row franchise.”

All in all it could be a huge year for THQ, if things go to plan.

THQ Q3: Saints Row 3 coming “fall,” 40K MMO FY2013 [VG247]


    • I don’t know… I think I’d rather they were just honest about it like this instead of insulting our intelligence with some line of bullshit about how the delay is actually for the customer’s benefit rather than their own.

  • A one week delay in March seems pointless. Am I missing something? Is the new release date close to a holiday in North America? Or maybe that one week difference changes which fiscal quarter it is? The CEO states “We think we have a great opportunity to dominate retail on this date.” But that explains nothing.

  • Don’t like any of their franchises at all to be honest. And if people had to spend 5 years waiting for Gran Turismo 5, then an extra week won’t kill anyone.

  • I am looking forward to giving this game a bash but I’m not heart broken they’ve pushed it back a whole week.

    When I had to wait an extra week for Mass Effect 2 I was sad (but understood it was those QLD floods which delayed it :()

  • And so it is –
    Homefront penned into the diary at March 17.
    Most certainly a launch day purchase if only because
    of John “Apocalypse Now” Milius’ involvement with
    the project.

  • From the makers of Frontlines: Fuel of War was enough of a big enough warning for me to stay clear of this until the reviews come out and people get their hands on it. I really want to like this game because it goes hand in hand with another great game i like (World in Conflict). But after the absolute disaster Frontlines was on the PC (no dedicated servers for months – everyone was playing off someone else’s connection, lack of ranks and punkbuster for about a year), i am cautious.

    • World in Conflict was phenomenal and it’s a travesty Massive Entertainment are doing some Assassin’s Creed spinoff instead of a sequel.

    • Front lines became epic after it was all patched up. Has an amazing Australian community.
      There really is no other game out there that encourages teamplay as it does. Not a quality game… Just fun.

  • This just annoys me and actually makes me less inclined to buy the game. I don’t care what else is due out at that time, I want the game when its finished, not when you can make the most profit out of it.

  • WARHAMMER!!!!!!!!!

    So many FPS – tbh Bulletstorm looks like the only one that is remotely different and thats a bit of stretch aswell. They’ve just added Combo’s and Points.

    But what have the other FPS set for release offering? Dues Ex is excluded cause it looks brilliant.

    As much as I love FPS – a lot will either be hired or abused with the 7 Day Return at EB Games.

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