How A Game Character Nearly Turned Up On A Star Wars Cartoon

Revan, the star of Knights of the Old Republic, is a fairly popular character in Star Wars' expanded universe. So it's probably for the best that plans to include him in the woeful Clone Wars cartoon fell through.

As you can see here, Darth Revan (to explain that would be to spoil things) was intended to make an appearance in an episode of the computer-animated cartoon series, called "Ghosts of Mortis".

With his appearance slightly tweaked to match the "action figure" style of the Clone Wars cartoon, the show's producers say that his scene was fully animated, before being cut — by George Lucas himself — and "never making it out of the lab".

Everyone loves Knights of the Old Republic, and everyone loves Revan, but boy, seeing him in this forced death march of a toy commercial would have put a real bummer on my fond feelings for the guy.

[Star Wars, via Super Punch]


    Why not Knights of the Old Republic 3 instead of the Force Unleashed or those Lego games...Probably have to wait until the MMORPG fades out.

      Motion carried!

      I want to know what happened to Revan. They left it so open for a third one. Bastards that Lucas Arts are probably couldn't think of a small fluffy annoying creature to put in it and ruin it.


      A KoTOR-esque RPG with today's tech would be squee-worthy. Can't understand why they'd go with an MMO.

    I can't see how he'd have fit into the episode without being either thte focus of the whole thing (which would have meant all 3 episodes in the arc would have been about him) or being put in as a force ghost which simply wouldn't have fit.

    I think the cartoon is kinda fun. By no means would I call it woeful.

      Anything that isn't the classic trilogy or kotor is considered crap by the starwars fanbase. They will even give you a million and one painfully anal reasons why.

      I don't mind the cartoon at all to be honest.

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