How Samurai Warriors 3DS Plays While You're Not Playing

With the Nintendo 3DS's innovative new Street Pass feature, developers now have to figure out how their games will play when the players aren't playing. In Samurai Warriors Chronicles, your 3DS will fight your battles for you.

Street Pass is the Nintendo 3DS feature that allows your 3DS to communicate with other players' systems while you're out and about. Tuck the system in your pocket with Super Street Fighter IV 3DS loaded up, for instance, and the handheld will seek out other players with the same game and simulate battles, all without any input from the user.

Tecmo Koei is utilising a similar system with Samurai Warriors Chronicles, one of the launch titles for the 3DS here in North America. Players will create a team of four characters, select a weapon that the other player will receive for participating in these simulated battles, and go about your business.

When the 3DS detects another Samurai Warriors Chronicles player, its game on. Win or lose you'll swap weapons with your opponent. A winning streak will score you bonus items. You'll also see favour increases for the characters you assign to do battle, so leaving carting around your 3DS with Samurai Warriors Chronicles loaded definitely has its benefits.

Samurai Warriors Chronicles is one of three games I've preordered for the 3DS, along with Street Fighter and Bust-A-Move, which might be an indicator of how pathetic the launch lineup really is.

Check out the post on Andriasang for more details on Samurai Warriors Chronicles' wireless and bonus modes.

Samurai Warriors Chronicle Wireless Modes Detailed [Adriasang]


    I actually really like the idea of the games playing themselves, as long as it doesn't have much to do with your progress in single-player (though getting new weapons, etc is a cool idea). It kind of reminds me of those old Digimon pet things that you could battle people with (but didn't have much control over the actual battle, besides the 'kill cheat' lol).

    I'm just quite excited with how the 3DS Pokemon games (when they inevitably come out) are going to implement this. It will be interesting.

    DS has a very bad standby function, I hope this will not drain the battery of 3DS.

    In addition to that, what if the system swap out the wrong weapons....doh...

    "Samurai Warriors...along with Street Fighter and Bust-A-Move, which might be an indicator of how pathetic the launch lineup really is."

    Painful but true. =/ There are some fantastic games in the pipe-line though. I feel it's a shame that Nintendo didn't hold the launch back a little bit now the launch hype will be centred around some mediocre games; not good!

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