How To Cover Your Boobs In Pokeballs

You might have boobs. You might have moobs. And if you do, you probably have bras. So why not cover them in Pokéballs from Pokémon?

For those brassiere-wearing folks who love Pocket Monsters, here is a quick tutorial from Selina, the maker of the original Pokébra. We've seen the Pokébra before, but we just didn't know how to make one for ourselves. Her walk through is pretty simple. You'll either need fabric markers or fabric paint - oh, and a bra. She gives pros and cons for markers and paint.

Over at her site she's got a walk-through for how to draw the balls, too. She has lots of helpful hints, so be sure to *cough* catch them all.

attempts to crack the party code, pokébra tutorial :D I keep getting questions... [ via TDW Geeks]


    I choose you, breast-a-chu!

    oooooooooooooooooh sexy

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