How To Dominate Bulletstorm’s Echoes Mode

How To Dominate Bulletstorm’s Echoes Mode

Once the smoke clears and the credits roll in Bulletstorm’s campaign, Echoes mode is the place to put your kill skills to the ultimate test. People Can Fly’s Arcade Berg has some handy tips on topping the Echoes mode charts.

In Bulletstorm’s singleplayer game, killing enemy players with skill is a way to earn points to upgrade your weapons and equipment. Echoes mode gives players bite-sized chunks of Bulletstorm goodness with the goal being racking up more points in the time allotted than anyone else and yes, those leaderboards are keeping track.

So how do you score the most points?

Arcade lays out core strategies today in a post on the PlayStation Blog. Don’t worry, Xbox 360 and PC players – the same tips apply to your game as well.

Tips like layering your Skillshots. Set enemies on fire and then kill them in order to earn 50 points for the Afterburner Skillshot with every kill. Grab some Nom Juice to layer the Intoxicated Skillshot on top, and always take advantage of the toxic clouds emitted by certain enemies to apply the Toxic Love Skillshot.

Be sure to change things up as well. You’ll get five times the points for every new Skillshot performed during an Echoes mode run, so if you end the round without performing every special manoeuvre in your repertoire, either there weren’t enough enemies or you could have done better.

There’s much more where those tips came from. From switching out weapons to carefully planning your charge shots and enemy-flinging thumpers, once you’re done reading Arcade’s tips your slow crawl up the leaderboards is only just beginning.

Check these helpful tips and more over at the PlayStation Blog.

Bulletstorm: Play Like a Pro in Echoes [PlayStation Blog]

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