How To Kill A Super-Hero Using Foursquare

Foursquare could be more deadly than Kryptonite, according to the smartly written - really! - 60th issue of the latest Supergirl comic. A bright Harvard guy makes a crowd-sourced Foursquare-style app that lets supervillains hunt super-heroes. Mark Zuckerberg meets Lex Luthor?

Shades of Foursquare backfiring site, Gawker Stalker, and all that good stuff.

Here are four pages from Supergirl 60 that tell most of what you need to know. We'll find out in issue 61 if she survives. Maybe the DC Comics version of Apple will shut this all down. Revoke the app and what have you. We'll see.

Supergirl No. 60, Cover

Supergirl No. 60, Page 8

Supergirl No. 60, Page 9

Supergirl No. 60, Page 18

Supergirl No. 60, Page 19


    Haha, that's awesome. I love how ridiculously contemporary comics are these days. Such a smart medium~

    Big Brother the Supervillan :P

    "smartly written – really!"

    You make it sound like the 80s never happened.
    Watchman or Dark Knight Returns anyone?

    Or are you just raggin on Supergirl?

    There have been so many smartly written superhero comics for such a long time...

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