How To Stop The Simplest Form Of Video Game Cheating

While spit-screen gaming is the ideal means for two people to truly share a multiplayer experience, it's not without its problems. Like cheating. A problem these two industrious souls have managed to overcome.

Above, witness exhibit A, which we'll call the "ghetto method". It involves some tape and a blanket. And the second player, who can now not see the top half of the screen, will get either very hot or get a very sore back. Or both.

Below, exhibit B, which we'll call the "less ghetto" method, employing DHL courier packaging as a crude, if ingenious "barrier".

I'm a fan of the "honesty" method myself. Mostly because I'm rarely that honest, and will use my view of the other player's location to get an advantage every damn chance I can get.

[Reddit, Reddit]


    Really? That top picture has been doing the rounds on the internet for a long time now.

    3d TV's could very well fix this.
    if each player was wearing glasses, and it was sync'ed so that you would only view your half, it could work quite well.
    however it wouldent be 3d, and shutterglasses arnt so great.

    Whatever happened to the simple punch in the arm to yer mate/bro for looking ?

    Kids these days and their hi-tech gadgetry.

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