I'm Commander Shepard, And Now You Can Dress Just Like Me

Treehouse Brand Stores make official clothing for many of Electronic Arts' biggest franchises. Like Mass Effect, for which it will soon be releasing this.

It's a hoodie that does as good a job a hoodie can do of looking like Mass Effect's trademark N7 armour, complete with shiny bits and, best of all, a hood that doubles as a helmet (complete with holes so you can see out of it).

It should be going on sale very soon on BioWare's online store. Also, while we're talking EA and hoodies, you remember that Dead Space 2 design we showed you the other day? From the super-talented Indonesian artist machine56? EA and Treehouse saw it and told us they are "working together to get his design produced and for sale". Which is awesome.


    I'm commander Shepard and this is my favorite costume on the citadel.

    Haha, Awesome...

    Still holding out hope for a Krogan hoodie :)

    Commander Shepard: The Music Video -

    Eh... I think I prefered the simpler one bioware had on their store.

    Do want. I don't care how silly it would be considered in public, I want :)

    This hoodie is too 'busy', it's too complicated and looks cartoony. Does anyone actually wear their hood over their entire face?

    The official one on Bioware's online store is simpler and a bit classier. Especially when it just resembles a regular hoodie to the uninitiated but a ME fan can spot it a mile away. Wearing a full body one like the above is a bit too brazen.

      Well I would. Who cares how silly people think you look when no-one can see your face? I think it looks awesome.

      You mean the actual product doesn't look like this? Well that's lame. There goes any chance of me buying it.

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