inFamous 2 And Its $US100 Hero Edition Have A Date With Your PS3

inFamous 2 And Its $US100 Hero Edition Have A Date With Your PS3

Sony and Sucker Punch have made a date in June for the sequel to the hit PlayStation 3 superhero game inFamous, with a pricey Hero Edition available for players that just can’t get enough Cole MacGrath.

Cole and friends travel down south to the city of New Marais to face down the mysterious Beast on June 7 in North America, with new powers to unlock, new enemies to face, and new moral decisions to weigh heavily on our hero’s conscience.

If players find that weight getting a bit too heavy, they should probably fork over an extra $US40 to secure the inFamous 2 Hero Edition, which comes complete with a stylish Sling Pack, perfect for carrying any nagging doubts. And who better to discuss those moral choices with than an 8.5-inch statue of Cole himself? He looks like he’s a good listener.

Listening skills will be helpful as well when trading in the inFamous 2 Supervoucher included in the pack, which grants players access to exclusive in-game content as well as a collectors edition soundtrack. They can give it a spin while flipping through the DC mini-comic that rounds out the Hero Edition’s offerings.

The four in-game items granted by the Supervoucher also act as retailer-exclusive preorder items for players opting for the plain old $US60 version of the game. Amazon preorders score a 24-karat gold amp weapon to play with; Best Buy customers get a skin that turns them into Kessler, the enemy from the first game; GameStop shoppers score a special enemy-grabbing lightning hook power; and grabbing the game at Wal-Mart scores the ever-handy electrocution grenade.

I’ll probably just go for the Hero Edition myself. I need another statue to talk to.


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