Is It Time For Modern Warfare 3 Yet?

With glowing green numbers counting down to five days from now and the 2010 Game Developers Conference kicking off on Monday, it looks like we might be getting our first look at the next Modern Warfare on Wednesday morning.

As many of you have noticed (OmegaSpartan noticed first), is ticking away like a time bomb set to explode into what will likely be the biggest entertainment launch of the year - it always is.

Modern Warfare 2 players will remember Vladimir Makarov as the man that left them for dead at the end of the No Russian mission, effectively blaming the US for the massacre of countless Russian civilians and ignited the spark of war. We didn't get to kill him in that game. Looks like we'll finally be getting our chance.

While there's no concrete information yet, I'd say we can look forward to Modern Warfare 3 hitting Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC this November. Stay tuned to our GDC 2011 coverage next week for the big reveal.

Find Makarov [Teaser Site - Thanks OmegaSpartan!]


    Modern Warfare 3: Just like the other two, which were just like the other four.

    That timer is actually a countdown to Bobby Kotick's next Yacht.

      Next bloody private fleet is more like it.

    Really? Another?

    it actually represents the amount of disappointment in Call of Duty post modern war fare 1 was released

    It's been proven to be fake

    Didn't they learn their lesson with Guitar Hero?

    The first Call of Duty I won't be getting. I sold the last 2 after reaching level 30 because they are exactly the same as number 4.

    I'm exited, I really want to know what happens to Soap and Captain Price now that they are wanted dead by the US and the Russians. I hope they don't wimp out and just say the US and britain forgave them. Also its the US's turn to get some payback and full on invade Russia so that should be some big explosions their.
    Though that being said I do want three to be the last and have everything come to a nice conclusion.

    IGN is running a story with Activision claiming this is a hoax. MW3 is as certain as the sunrise though.

    In the code it actually says 'mw.swf' as the flash video...

    MW = Modern Warfare? Surely!

    activision just announced the site was a hoax and denies ownership

    Good jokes boys, my dog can pull a better one out of it's backside.

    GDC in 4 days
    just sayin it could be an anouncement
    and look at JD_2020 (josh olin)'s twitter
    look at his post

    I read this interesting article on Gamespy, I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post a link or not, but I will. Activision has said that this website is not theirs.

    lets hope they keep it away from steam this time that random ban hammer keeps falling off the shelf uosetting customers

    if steam get involved im out!

    Activision has been quoted as saying this site is a "hoax"

    "Stay tuned to our GDC 2011 coverage next week for the big reveal."
    Or not ...!5770833/no-modern-warfare-3-reveal-next-week-activision-says-countdown-site-is-a-hoax

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