Is This The Most Dedicated Doom Fan In The World?

I doubt even Johns Carmack and Romero sport a Doom collection quite as complete as this man's shrine to that classic first-person shooter.

"I'm Mahmut Saral. Doom is a very important series for me and Doom 4 will be amazing! I want to show you my Doom collection."

Doom is a very important series to all of gaming, Mahmut, and I hold the same high hopes for Doom 4. What I don't hold is one one-hundredth of the Doom swag you've managed to collect. Hell, all I've got is a boxed copy of Doom 3 and a copy of the Doom movie signed by Karl Urban, and it's not even a real signature. I did it myself, with a Sharpie. Oh Karl.

Check out images and a video (with some lovely music) of Mahmut's collection below, and be sure to visit his Flickr page to see more of the rare Doom items he's managed to horde.


    This is about twice as impressive as my collection! John Romero signed my 4 original floppy discs though! =P

    Thanks for sharing the pictures.

    those floppies still work? ;> awesome collection i must admit.

    I'm a little disappointed by the literature on the top shelf there. Book 1 and 3 of the doom series are a reprint, and book 2 and 4 are the original covers. Tracking down an original cover of book 3 will be near impossible without burning a hole in your wallet

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