Is This The PlayStation 3’s Super Smash Bros?

Is This The PlayStation 3’s Super Smash Bros?

PlayStation Move Heroes, a game we played last year, is the first PlayStation game to bring lots of characters from Sony games together.

Nintendo does this kind of thing all the time with Super Smash Bros, Mario Kart and various Mario sports games. Sony usually keeps its icons separate. They’re crossing their franchise lines with PlayStation Move Heroes, though, putting Sly Cooper’s crew, Ratchet & Clank, Jak and Daxter all in one game. That’s certainly more promising than mixing, I don’t know, the Cool Boarders people with Wipeout and… the Battle Arena Toshinden brawlers? That wouldn’t work.

PlayStation Move Heroes requires players to use the PS3’s Wii-like Move motion controller in a series of challenges that I might call mini-games but that the developers have shown are, well, large-ish mini-games.

Watch the video I shot of the game last year, if the trailer doesn’t answer all your questions.

PlayStation Move Heroes: Watch the Story Trailer! [PlayStation blog]


    • Yeah, Move-only controls seems a bit odd. I guess they’re hoping it’ll sell Moves, but it’ll have to be damn good to do that.

      If it doesn’t sell as well as they hope it wouldn’t surprise me to see non-Move controls patched in at a later date.

  • Crash Bandicoot should have been the Playstation mascot. But Sony didn’t hold onto it after Naughty Dog decided to ditch it with the end of Sony’s first console. It was a big part of Playstation history and he was an awesome “Playstation Hero”. But would you really want him in this game after the last 10 or so years of atrocious games from third party developers?

  • Just serves as a reminder that the Sony mascot roster is pretty lame at best! Hardly the wealth of classic icons that Nintendo has under its belt.

    • Maybe because its more of a group of icons than one main one and some smaller ones. Think microsoft and you think master chief. Nintendo and you think mario, but think sony and there’s plenty of equal heroes for the mascot

      • Mario. Link. Kirby. All big name characters, from completely separate franchises. All Nintendo.
        That being said though, the break away stars of Smash Bros are always the previously-considered minor characters. e.g. Captain Falcon.

        • Let you ask anyone other there to name an Nintendo icon and they’ll give you Mario – they wont know who Kirby or Link is, in fact, if you say Link, they’ll say to you “oh you mean Zelda”

    • You have to love the obligatory fanboy BS. Sorry but Sony’s roster of characters are far more interesting than Nintendo’s roster of non-characters.

  • Have you even played the super smash bro’s? The only simularity is they have a few characters from a very few games.

  • Yawntastic. The ol’ 3D platformer, now with more 2D characters than ever!

    Sony’s Hero roster is as lame as Sega’s All-Stars. Sony is represented now by Drake and Sev, Ethan Mars and Kratos, Ico and Sackboy, Snake and EyePet. THAT’s a kickass roster.

    Getting them all in the MoCap studio is a nightmare tho.

  • wow this game looks so fail from the video… and the cast… well i guess sony really couldnt find better mascots… but still damn that looks pretty

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