It's A Zombie Apocalypse... Wedding?!

What could be more romantic than being on the run with the love of your life as you're chased down by flesh-ripping zombie hordes? That seems to be the concept behind this "Left 4 Dead inspired" wedding photo shoot.

Manila-based photographer Jervy Santiago tells Kotaku that the subject of his Left 4 Dead-inspired shoot, Ingle and Aimee, love to play video games together - specifically, Valve's zombie shooter. Santiago took They turned their "post nuptial trash-the-dress session" into easily the most violent wedding photography I've ever seen.

Jervy says he "got bored with the usual trash-the-dress by the seashore, getting it all wet and stuff like that... so, why not mud and blood?"

See a small selection of what Jervy and his team put together in the gallery above, with more photos available at the photographer's official site.

Ingle + Aimee Trash-The-Dress [Jervy Santiago Photography - Thanks Colin!]


    I guess its more interesting then the norm

    fucking awesome!

    The newest campaign:

    Red Wedding - There's more than love in the air

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