Japanese Cosplay Once Agains Titillates, Surprises And Shocks

Over the weekend, collectible figure event Wonder Festival steamrolled through Japan. We've already seen the figures. Now, let's have a look at the cosplay. These are figurines, real-life ones.

There are a wide array of gaming related cosplay, like Metal Gear Solid and Pokémon as well as movie, anime and manga characters.

At events like Wonder Festival and the Tokyo Game Show, cosplay is becoming increasingly important year after year, drawing big crowds in its own right.

Kotaku Japan: Pics, Pics, Pics, < a href="http://www.kotaku.jp/2011/02/wf2011w_cosplay.html">Pics, Pics Akiba Blog: Pics Akiba OS: Pics Gigazine: Pics, Pics, Pics


    The 7th of the larger pictures from the top down, the lady with the light blue contacts...
    If she isn't one of the hottest women I've ever seen...
    Can't tell who she's cosplaying as. Perhaps Amy from Soul Calibur?
    Hmm probably not, she's got a similar weapon and hairstyle but that's it.

      Interesting, they're all pretty, but she didn't do anything special for me.

    Japanese Ghostbusters were the best, by far....

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