Junglist Goes To Game Jam

We wrote up a full report on Game Jam a couple of weeks back, but in the midst of all the game making chaos we spotted Jeremy 'Junglist' Ray, with camera man in tow. We locked eyes. Approached one another, then engaged in an impromptu handshake arm wrestling contest. (Disclaimer: I would have totally win if this fictional event had actually occurred). Anyway - Junglist has created a pretty impressive video documenting his experience at Game Jam and we totally recommend giving it a look.


    I heartily approve of the Predator manshake.

    Are Kotaku sending him to TGS and E3 again this year?

    I'm not saying don't, I liked the videos from last time... just, make him keep his shirt on this time.

    Are you the black arm or the white arm?

    I mean African-american or Caucasian...

      why does it always have to be african-american how about just african or someone of african decent from like england?

    Just gonna be anal and say that the "FLOPPY COMBO" command inputs at 00:27 are not what to do to do that combo.

    This is a good video for a great event.

    I'm worried that if I type fiveinchfloppy into my browser with the wrong extension I'll not get a game site...

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