Killzone 3's Engineer Is The Ultimate Team Player

In the first of a series of videos covering Killzone 3's multiplayer professions, Guerrilla Games multiplayer designer Dan Nanni discusses the engineer, the game's turret-building support class.

Whenever I see any form of the word 'engineering' associated with a video game character class, 'complicated' is generally the next word that pops into my head. From the robot-crafting class in Funcom's sci-fi MMO Anarchy Online to Team Fortress 2's wrench master, these titans of industry generally leave me feeling unfulfilled at best, confused at worst.

It's not their fault, however. It takes a special kind of player to give up some personal firepower and survivability in favour of building machines that do massive damage to the enemy. I prefer to heal or do damage directly myself, but I appreciate our grease-covered friends for what they do.


    Huh, you know what? Might need to dust off that old console. Just about over Monday Night Combat, TF2 has died long ago unless vanilla comps, and BC2 has stopped addition pylon constructions.

    How had TF2 died? The servers are full all the time and it gets updated with fixes almost every week. But I do think Killzone 3 be the new multiplayer game for me now as well

      He might mean the console versions which are definately dead, but yeah the PC community is thriving.

    Engineer is useless in KZ3, the turrets are too weak and pathetic

      Yep. Good thing the LMGs are pretty good.

      The engineer is a support role in kz3 and not supposed to get lots of kills

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