Kinect Can Be Used For Real Games After All

The first bunch of games for Microsoft's Kinect were... crude. Resulting in a fear from many gamers that the peripheral may not be cut out for more complex titles. Well, this Dead Space 2 footage should convince you otherwise.

In it, you can see the guy is almost literally playing the game. He swings his arm, Isaac Clarke swings his arm. He runs, Isaac runs. He reloads a gun and Isaac reloads. He stamps his foot and, yes, Isaac does his mighty stamp, which is so mighty it can turn corpses into cash machines.

To move, the player simply leans in the direction they want to go, and to shoot, you have to press a button (there's a Wii Remote in the player's hand).

The video's creator, kick755, has even included the relevant settings on the clip's YouTube page if any other Kinect hackers own a copy of Dead Space 2 on PC and want to give this control method a try.


    And this is better than playing with a controller... how, exactly?

    For motion control to have any value at all they need to make games that are at the very bare minimum BETTER with motion control and, ideally, only possible with motion control.

    The only thing this has convinced me of is that motion control is good for taking a game that was already fine as it was and making it more of a pain in the arse to control. Which most of us already knew anyway.

    The first cars were pretty crap too, Horses had a better control system...

    The problem with this control method, as is the problem for all motion games that require you to be standing, is that the player has to stand, moving, holding their arms up for huge periods of time. How long can you play a light gun game for without stopping? Normally it's 20-60 minutes, after which you'll often have tired arms. Not an issue for light gun games, as they're designed to be played in short bursts, but DS2 is a survival-horror game that many prefer to play for hours at a time. I'm not dissing Kinect here, it's a motion-gaming issue in general (although the Move has the edge, as it's level of precision allows many games to be played feet-up in a recliner, allowing longer periods of play), it's a motion gaming issue in general, and will always be there because the issue here is the motion!

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