LEGO Uncharted, LEGO Call Of Duty, LEGO Halo...

We will never see official LEGO versions of Resident Evil, Modern Warfare, Max Payne, Gears of War, Final Fantasy or Killzone. That being the case, we'll have to make do with Andy Pescovitz's customised renditions instead.

Pescovitz has amassed an impressive collection of figures that he's both painted and in many cases scultped to look like miniature versions of some video game favourites.

There's a selection of some of the better figures below, including those from Halo: Reach and Uncharted 3, with plenty more at the link below.

[pecovam's photostream - Thanks Chris!]


    This is why Lego... Is AWESOME!

    Need....Killzone lego! That Sev is just awesome.

    i would really love to see lego matrix!!

    This might be acceptable for Warhammer figures, but those obvious brush-strokes on Lego just irks me.

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