Lego Video Games Should Be This Cool

I like most of the Lego video games. They present breezy opportunities to fight and explore. Their charm compensates for an overemphasis on collecting things. I like these games, but I don't think they are as magnificent yet as this concept art for the upcoming Lego Indiana Jones suggests they could be.

I'd love for Lego games to look and feel like this.


    "this concept art for the upcoming Lego Indiana Jones"

    ... and yet it clearly has a "LEGO: Pirates of the Carribean" logo plastered on the bottom right of the image.

    I lol'd, Kotaku America, I lol'd. Such trivial mistakes would not be made by the Kotaku Australia team!

    Telltale make quality games...Why do they have to continue making Lego Games? Why did they have to scrap Armada of the Damned.

    I'm never going to purchase glorified advertising.

    My rant was going to be "another Lego Indiana Jones" yeah they're great but MOVE on to other franchises if you must.

    But thankgod, i think PotC is gearing up to be the best one yet. For me anyway...

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