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Let Off Some Steam is a new section where we let you guys get something off your chest – it can be a vitriol laced rant, a sappy love letter to whatever, or anything inbetween. Send your ranty words in this direction, and try and keep it under 600 words. This week Corey Lee blow kisses at Capcom - how sweet!

I LOVE YOU CAPCOM! Remember the first time you pulled off a Hadouken in Street Fighter? Or yelled Objection into your DS when interrogating witnesses in Ace Attorney?

If there has been one company that has impressed me this generation, it’s Capcom. That familiar blue and yellow logo, their wonderfully consistent IPs and their rare ability to reinvigorate old franchises for the next generation of gamers. I can’t think of any other developer that has captivated me so thoroughly in what it takes to simply make great games.

When I was growing up, Squaresoft, Nintendo and Namco raised me on a steady diet of Final Fantasies, Game Boys and Tekken. But it wasn’t until this current generation that I got to appreciate Capcom for their efforts.

First and foremost is my newfound love for the Street Fighter series. Now, I never had access to SF2 at the arcades or ever bothered to import SF: Third Strike. And I remember when I first got my hands on Street Fighter 4.


The circular and charging movement inputs. Spamming projectiles. It all turned me off at first. But yet I stuck to it and kept playing. It took a month or two until I started to appreciate and understand how in-depth the game truly is. It’s a game that I dedicate my time to, a game that regularly frustrates me to death and yet I’m still left wanting more. The learning curve was steep as hell but after that, the payoff through getting better was worth it. That and I’ve probably spent a scary amount of money on SF merchandise such as the Tournament Edition fightsticks in order to take it to the next level.

Even if one has no interest in fighters, chances are that many of you guys have played the Resident Evil series. Resident Evil helped me mature as a gamer, weening me off platformers and towards a series that gave me somewhat sluggish controls, zombies and a disturbing lack of ammunition. It’s been nice to see how Resident Evil has evolved from its first release in 98 to the lauded Resident Evil 4. I never thought that mutated zombies would ever interest me but it was Capcom’s ability to give me a ‘usually’ coherent, interesting storyline coupled with appropriate gameplay mechanics that really sucked me into the survival horror genre. While I consider Resident Evil 5, in terms of storyline, as inferior to its immediate predecessor, I’ve been surprised at how well some of the characters have been re-imagined throughout the chronology as Leon and Jill Valentine have changed for the better from who they once were back in the 90s. Unlike those annoying kids from the Mickey Mouse club.

And onto my favourite portable Capcom franchise, the Ace Attorney series. These games were what convinced me to stop playing my girlfriend’s pink DSLite and get my own. Sometimes, I sit back and ask myself what keeps drawing me in about Phoenix Wright and his law-abiding/abusing companions. Well, the gameplay hasn’t really changed throughout the series (I know, as I complained about it in my first Reader Review) and neither have the aesthetics as well. But there is something endearing about how well Capcom has managed to characterise the settings and cast through minor alterations to each character’s static image and clever dialogue. Add to this the engaging story arcs that are present throughout each case and it’s almost as if you’re a fully fledged lawyer, no matter how despicable that may seem to some.

Capcom have done a lot with most of their IPs and unlike other developers (*cough* Square enix), they’ve kept their work generally consistent.

Do you agree with Corey? They haven't always gotten it right this generation, Bionic Commando and Resident Evil 5 being the prime examples, but I would say they've been the most consistent Japanese third party publisher this generation. Let us know what you think in the comments below.


    Umm, Capcom and no mention of Monster Hunter?

      Haven't played it. That and I've only got 600 words to work with.

    That reminds me. I should get around to writing Part 2 of that Commando Design Doc.

    On topic, yeah Capcom are generally awesome. That said, they've single-handedly convinced me to buy Marvel Vs Capcom 2 months ago and I still completely suck at it. So I hate them for that.

    They kinda dropped the ball on Lost Planet 2.
    Can't wait for Marvel vs Capcom 3.This article reaffirmed my need for a fightstick.
    When you putting up Monster Hunter numbers i guess you can afford a few experiments with existing IP's like RE5, Bionic Commando and DMC reboot.

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      My 3 syllable name has been perfectly incorporated into a song from Grease.... Think I'm gonna head off and wash my ears with soap.

      I seem to be hearing (or reading) greece songs all week. WTF??

        Now picturing Anthony Quinn as Danny Zuko for some reason...

    There was a really interesting interview conducted with Keiji Inafune when he announced he was leaving his position at Capcom a while back. Translation is around online somewhere, I think I saw it originally on NeoGAF. It was quite an eye-opener because it gave a lot of insight into how Capcom is run as a business.

    From the sound of things, they have some pretty major issues internally. They employ thousands of people in development, but only use them to produce 3-4 games a year, so the cost for developing each game is astronomical and anything that underperforms really hurts them. Contrast this with a typical western development studio which might only have 20-30 full time people at once, contract out a lot of the work, and have multiple projects on the go as well, and it's no wonder that Capcom is starting to struggle a bit. However there's still the internal perception that while western developers are good at the technical side, they still struggle with elements of design and consistency of style.

    Should have a poke around and see if I can find that interview again, it's quite interesting.

    Okay, I need express my dissapointment at Bad Company 2. I know it's a bit late, but I just bought it for cheap a fortnight ago.

    Firstly, I LOVED BC1 because of its irreverency, open style play, character interaction and great storyline.

    Who wouldn't love a story of soldiers finding a higher cause (mercenary gold) to fight for? Overcoming adversity and disappointment, then finally triumphing, in the end, via a lucky break?

    Three Kings, anyone? Or better yet, Kelly's Heroes!

    And having a huge map to explore, find collectables and complete objectives without pushing when needed?

    Now. What happened with BC2? It's like the decision makers (who I always feel are tied to the profits and therefore the company shareholders making them ultimately detrimental to creativity) thought "HOLY CRAP! Modern Warfare 1 and 2 are certainly kicking butt! Gotta have me some-o-dat!"

    So Dice went ahead and created a COD:MW clone. Even the game case covers are similar! Hackneyed gameplay, cliched patriotic storyline and a totally leashed world! No more "here's the huge arse map. These are your objectives. Do what you will."

    Now it's "Don't go into that zone Marlowe! Their mortars cover that area."

    And the worst transgression? Acting as if the first story never existed. Haggard mumbles something about them not talking about whatever happend to the gold they stole. How did they get back into the army? They went awol. What the about the still alive and very pissed off mercenary leader? None of this seemed to matter because they were now fighting for their country!

    Okay, I'll admit that I didn't read a lot of the developer blog or watch a lot of interviews they made regarding BC2 but c'mon! It went from a great game to an fps clone in one sequel.

    Well, I'm done. I'm going to go replay BC1 tonight.

      I reckon BC2 story couldve gone a completely different direction. Just continue on with the BC1 story, they are awol, running away from not only the american army but the mercs as well.

      They couldve easily done that, Im still scratching my head as to why they didnt.

        Totally! They could've even gone mercenary themselves.

        There's got to be plenty of humour in the mercenary life, right?

      Yo Dawg... we heard you liked CoD.
      So, we put some CoD in your BF:BC2...

      Also, where'd Miss July go?
      I'm most bothered by how little of teh phunnies was brought.

    Capcom and Ubisoft are on my "not very impressed" list right now.

    im looking forward to the 3DS titles capcom has planned. Especially res evil revelations being more focused on puzzles, hopefully it turns out more like classic res evil. Ive only tried a few capcom games this gen, my faves being monster hunter 3 and SF4

    I hate you Capcom!


    Let off some steam?

    A game I have owned for months but still can't get myself to play. Has there been anyone here that can bother work, and I use the word work, through UFC 2010's career mode?
    It's just way too annoying, the stat decay that drain your stats as quick as you can earn them, the relentless training for hours to have a two minute fight, the fact I can't make a create a player that doesn't look retarded.
    I only hear people saying good things about it, anyone else think its terrible?
    2009's was great, 2010's sucks ass.

    Talking of capcom, Marvel vs capcom 3 looks good, I remember playing 2 on my dreamcast and loving it. Anyone else buying number 3?

    Yeah, amen to that.
    The experiences you mention about SF4 are the exact same with me.

    I was heavily in to Tekken, got SF4, hated it, stuck with it, now there's nothing else.

    Didn't even ask for Tekken 6 as a Christmas present :p

    I've got my Bison up to 10k bp and I was a total scrub before. Not that I'm pro now, but it's so fun.

    Which character do you main?

      Vega. I'm about 9500 BP on PSN. And I've just started playing on XBL.

    I got Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom for christmas, it's actually pretty good. Sort of a Zelda clone trying to beat The Last Guardian to the punch. Lost Planet just sucked :/

    Third Strike is still better. CvS3 please.

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