Let Off Some Steam: Capcom's Loyal Treatment

Let Off Some Steam is a new section where we let you guys get something off your chest – it can be a vitriol laced rant, a sappy love letter to whatever, or anything inbetween. Send your ranty words in this direction, and try and keep it under 600 words. This time 'Jamesmacusedmyhandle' get stuck into Capcom for their treatment of loyal fans.

Capcom: The Loyal Treatment?

I've been playing Street Fighter since the September of 1991. I was at the Royal Adelaide Show with a group of friends, and no adult supervision for the first time ever. I remember scrimping and saving for months in anticipation and eagerly clutching just over $50 as I walked through the gates. I think that we went on maybe 3 rides before we walked past the arcade and decided to check out a new machine called Street Fighter 2. I spent the rest of my day and the rest of my money there.

The summer holidays that year were spent in a dingy Charcoal Chicken, religiously pumping 20c pieces into SF2. My love affair began with Chun-Li, who could resist spamming MK for the easy win? I then moved onto Guile for the ease of sideways and updown special moves. Slowly the true depth of the game became apparent. We spent so much time and money on that machine that the owners used to give us free chips for what we put in.

Those that remember the 16-bit wars will know that the announcement of SF2 on SNES rocked the world (well mine at least). I spent months learning every single nuance, and combo. I still have all the strategy guides somewhere. I even finished it on very hard, without losing any health in the hope of seeing Sheng Long (Damn you EGM!!!). I got a pretty picture at the end! Turbo Edition came and went, with the Mega Drive getting a look in (was way faster but the graphics sucked). Then came Super. I bought them all. Same goes for Alpha, Ex and 3. Capcom had no problem milking that cash cow to the very last drop. Don't even get me started on the merchandise.

Fast forward to 2009 and my love affair began all over again with Street Fighter 4 and the world was beautiful place, full of Ultra Combos, Focus Attacks and Focus Attack Dash Cancels. Then began the rumblings, where were Dee-Jay and Ibuki? Some even asked about T-Hawk. Were Capcom going to expand as they had in the past? They did!! Another quick fast forward to 2010 and Super SF4 is announced! Updated balancing, a few old favourites and two brand newbies! I could not wait. Surely in this marvelous modern world of internetz and DLC, those of us that had already paid for SF4 would be treated to this wonder for a moderate cost and a downloadable update… Err no. Capcom released a full retail version, and while i was pissed, i eventually gave in a bought it. But wait a new challenger arrives! Capcom announces Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition, the return of Yun and Yang plus Evil Ryu and Oni confirmed, if not available.

The rumour mill starts up again. Surely this time Capcom will reward it's loyal fans with some moderately priced DLC to play this awesomeness at home. At the very least I won't have pay for a full retail version. Nope, Capcom has decided to Tiger Knee us all in the nuts and not release any version! No DLC, no retail, just a machine that is getting harder and harder to find as more arcades close. As much as I would have complained about paying it makes me nowhere near as pissed as I am now that I get nothing. Is this how Capcom is really going to treat it's loyal fans?

I'm off to play some BlazBlue!


    Capcom haven't announced a DLC version of AE because they want arcade owners to have a reason to buy it. If they announced a home version at the same time they would have sold less cabinets. It will come, just not straight away.

    For fighting game fan these updates were definitely worth the money. Super did a lot more than just add characters. If you want to complain about Capcom treating fans poorly, look at the Marvel vs Capcom 3 DLC situation.

    Are you serious? Not just looking at it from a players perspective, but the returns on even adding a $10 downloading content pack would be huge. Something must be miss-firing in the company directors head.

    I'm also a big capcom fan, but i'm also disappointed with how they treat their fans and their game franchises.

    Whether they're milking fans through overpriced dlc, or ruining fans love for their beloved series (dmc : reboot), it seems that capcom isn't in tune with its fan base.

    Anyway, I'm off to play marvel vs capcom 3, eagerly awaiting the inevitable dlc characters that will come in the succeeding months.

    Good tale of SF. Although I refuse to believe anyone was hoping for T. Hawk in anything.

    Hey, look on the bright side, MvC3 has DLC additions for characters.

    That are already on the disk.


    On the upside, MvC3 is all about that fan service, and they're leaving the future of DLC characters up to demand. I know it's not the same, but... So fun! :)

    SSF4:AE DLC will happen, it just probably won't actually match what we're currently seeing in the arcades.

    Ono said that AE was deliberately unbalanced, there's no way that would carry over to the console version. Then there's Oni and Evil Ryu, both of which were unlocked before the Capcops came along and told the arcade owners to put the characters back in their cages. Then there's the other stuff Capcom has going at the moment, MVC3 is still going through release hype and there is SSF4 on the 3DS.

    Oni and Evil Ryu will get unlocked once the 3DS is out, a little while later we'll see the four new characters and some balancing done for SSF4 on console.

    If not, then hopefully my copy of Marvel will arrive so I can stop caring about SF.

    Haven't been a Street Fighter fan since the 2nd one, but I was pretty shocked when I saw them announce SSF4 so shortly after SF4, what a milking...

      Agreed - that should be the real complaint - I refuse to by SSFIV - it should've been DLC at the most not a whole extra game.

    I've liked a lot of Capcom's games, but so many of there decisions really annoy me. Apart from the already mentioned SF4 & SSF4 saga which should of had the foresight to make a high profile game in a way too allow big changes via DLC. Theres other things.

    Resident Evil 5 Gold? If they're going to retail a new sposedly superior edition of a game (& tick off owners of the regular RE5 & RE5 Collectors Edition), apply the update already to the game in the pack to begin with. The Xbox360 version didn't even have the DLC at all, it is just the original RE5 with a coupon to redeem on the DLC. The PS3 version had the DLC on the disk but needed to logon online to PSN to activate it. Why even release a Gold Edition? just wait till the game goes Platinum or equivalent to do so.

    Was also Devil May Cry 3 & Devil May Cry 3 Special. So disappointed in 3 Special. The extra stuff was rather a poor add on. Being able to play as Vergil was cool. But he had no extra FMV scenes for himself (that weren't already used in the Dante campaign), his story mode wasn't all that long, he doesn't have very many moves/weapons, & he didn't even have an ending scene either. It really could of just been included to the original DMC3 at the beginning.

    I think it's also time to stop making SF2 Collection packs. But no of course not. Capcom will probably make a SSF2T HD with stereoscopic 3D eventually.

    Ono has confirmed that they are making a SFIV related announcement after the release of the 3DS version. He has also said that he was misinterpreted when he said that AE would never make it across to consoles. All in his Twitter account. I wouldn't write it off just yet.

    Not complaining about a new BlazBlue player though. I can never find a local match!

      Not on LIVE just yet, but look forward to some local competition.

    I'm actually happy Super Street Fighter IV came in a disk version. Imagine if Capcom started dealing out individual characters, incremental updates to the game, as well as costumes and game modes that should've been on the disk as standard, at the price of $8-$10 a pop. Man, I'm glad they're not doing that with Marvel vs Capcom 3...oh wait.

    And really, the additional content in Super was much more substantial than what a patch would allow. You had quite a few additional characters (all requiring new models, animations, frame data, intros and endings, Supers & Ultras, music tracks, sound effects and voice data, etc.), each of the original characters had a new Super, updated frame data (and a new move or two, in some cases), intros and endings, and some other bits and pieces. You had new music throughout the game, new menus, an updated online experience (as well as the tournament mode, although I will give you that it was, realistically, free post-launch DLC), the match viewer thingy, the new (and much better) announcer, and a few other things.

    With this amount of new content, the potential size of the DLC would be monsterous. I'm not sure if Microsoft still imposes size limits on DLC, but I imagine SSFIV in DLC form would definitely exceed it. On top of that, there are still people staunchly opposed to paid DLC (or DLC in every form), and having the option of both a DLC and retail option would just take money away from the retail side of monetary return. They'd basically be cutting into their own source of revenue.

    While the price on Super was certainly a bit rich, a retail release was pretty much the best (and possibly only) option for most people. And while Ono has stated that AE won't be released on consoles, he hasn't said that the new characters won't be (and he's previous seemed quite keen for it to happen). What with AE being unbalanced on purpose to encourage competition with other characters (again, as stated by Ono), I'd prefer to see the new characters released in a balanced form as DLC for Super, rather than having to buy yet another version of Street Fighter IV with a lot less new content than Super has. In fact, I believe a leaked shot of new 360 achievements featuring Oni Akuma and Evil Ryu was how people originally became aware of their existence in the first place, so I'd say odds of seeing them as DLC down the track are pretty high.

    Okay, seriously? There is a lot wrong with this article.

    As others have mentioned, the reason for the lack of DLC is to help arcades. This is a FANTASTIC reason for keeping DLC out of the home console for a while.

    Australia has some fantastic arcades, and we have a GREAT tournament scene in Australia, one that is hosting some international tournaments. That this website hasn't exactly gone out of its way to support. Melbourne's Shadowloo Showdown will be happening this year, and it looks to be huge (here's a trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sWN0091G0KM ), we also have Sydney's OHN coming up, where you can win a trip and get seeded for EVO, the worlds biggest fighting game tournament.

    Playing against real, actual people next to each other is what fighting games are about. The fighting game scene is really, really strong in Melbourne and Sydney, both cities have large arcades with top players in them that play all the time. There is good representation from Perth and Queensland as well, and both of these cities have excellent arcades that you are not helping out at all.

    "Treatment of loyal fans"...yeah right, they are treating loyal fans, they are treating them by keeping arcades alive for a little while longer, before we have to live with the reality that terrible, terrible online play is how most people are experiencing Street Fighter.

    Honestly, Mark, can I please write a counter article to this introducing Australian Street Fighter arcades, and it's tournament scene? This is a really, really exciting time for the Australian fighting game scene, and I'd like to show the Kotaku regulars what we're about.

      It's great that Melbourne and Sydney have huge arcades and top players. Nice to hear that Perth and Brisbane have excellent arcades and i sersonally feel terrible that "I" am not helping any of them at all by expressing my opinion. I live in Adelaide where we have little to no arcades left and the ones that are seem to favour shooters and dancers :(
      I think you missed my point. I wrote and sent this as soon as i read this http://www.kotaku.com.au/2011/02/ssfiv-arcade-wont-be-coming-home/
      I'm more than happy to wait for DLC. Heck i'd probably even pay for full retail if that's how they decide to go. I would pump my money into a arcade machine if i could find one! The point of my argument was that at that moment in time it seemed like we were getting NOTHING. That may have changed since then, but i am yet to hear anything confirmed I couldn't agree more with what you said about live competitive play, but aren't most tourneys held on consoles now days?

    No Mega Man in MvC3 means I'm not buying, simple fact. If Capcom can't honor their longest standing mascot with a spot in their crossover game, I'm not especially interested. I know they cut him, just to offer him up as a DLC at a later date. Too bad, eh?

      Zero is in there and he's the Mega Man Keiji Inafune wanted. You can also select a colour scheme that mimics X's so you're basically playing with X with blonde hair... and light bulb nipples...

        The Mega Man X series isn't exactly representative of the Mega Man I was thinking of.

    I'm amused at the contrast to what I wrote about Capcom about 2 months ago.

      I still love Capcom. Was just one of those heat of the moment things.

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