LunchTimeWaster: Big Orange Balls With Sunglasses

This game is not called 'Big Orange Balls With Sunglasses' - but it would be so much better if it was. Sadly, this game is called Orange Alert and it's a puzzle game with a weird difficulty curve that still manages to work as a clever distraction.

The point of Orange Alert is to get rid of everything orange, by manipulating the objects around the orange stuff. It's a physics based puzzler with some interesting mechanics - the main one being that each object can have its own, completely opposite gravitational pull. Players then have to somehow juggle the different forces of gravity in order to get the right result.

The music is bloody dreadful - but the game is fun. A perfect little distraction for lunch breaks.

Orange Alert [Kongregate]


    Erm...some of the levels need better testing. They seem to be completing themselves.

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