LunchTimeWaster: Don't Have A Cow Man

I don't know if I can top Entanglement, yesterday's LunchTimeWaster, but I can try. Or at the very least try to try with Mooo! Mooo! is a physics based puzzler that feels deliciously weighty. It also involves milking cows.

It's simple, and has your typical flash aesthetic, but it's one of those games you'd be happy to play for 10 minutes and then completely forget about. It's easily as fun as, say Angry Birds, and everyone in the universe has fallen in love with that glorified flash game!

Mooo! [Kongregate]


    Amusing... but only for a short period.

    Entanglement has become not just a lunch time waster for me, but a work time waster.

    Not a bad little game, but a couple of the levels seemed to be more about how well you could control the rolling, rather than the puzzle solving. The controls were a little weird too when ti came to the rolling.

      Yeah the controls are an issue. The rolling physics change depending on some of the puzzles... just to suit the puzzle. The puzzle should suit the control, people!

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