LunchTimeWaster: Drug Wars

I loved GTA: Chinatown Wars - in hindsight it may have been my favourite GTA game ever. That was mainly because I got completely embroiled in the drug game y'all. Running from one end of the city to the other, risking it all to get the green, was an insane amount of fun - and High Tea shrinks that mechanic down into flash form.

Except instead of modern day drugs - High Tea has you trading tea! Actual tea. The way you trade for this tea is with opium. You have to buy Opium cheap, sell it for profit, then use that cash to bring in teaea. If you don't bring in enough tea, the British will revolt. Cause we all know that the British can't survive without tea!

I find this sort of thing weirdly addictive.

High Tea [Newgrounds]


    Historical drug trading simulator? Yes pl0x!

      Having just played that, it was really educational. Interesting stuff and surprisingly fun.

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