LunchTimeWaster: Echo... Echo... Echo

Usually LunchTimeWaster is about interesting game mechanics, and to hell with the production values - but Echoes: Operation Stranglehold is a little different...

Echoes: Operation Stranglehold is an action-strategy game with ridiculous production values - decent voice acting, cut-scenes, the whole shebang. It took a ridiculous amount of time to load on our work desktop, so we recommend loading up a spare tab before your lunchbreak!

Echoes: Operation Stranglehold [Armor Games]


    32.5 Mb,

    Arrgh!!! I opted to watch the story and then ran out of time to play the actual game! It looks like it'll be pretty good though. Only took 30 seconds to load here but I guess I'm the only one using this connection apart from a few iPhones in the building. Will be nice to play through later in the afternoon wind-down.

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