LunchTimeWaster: Entanglement

Entanglement is genius. It's a puzzle game that presents itself as idle distraction - the kind of game you'll have cracked within five minutes of playing. Only after playing do you start to get a feel for the layers of depths within the mechanics - but by then it'll be too late. You won't be able to stop playing this game.

Like a compelling twist on the Pipemania mechanic, you must attempt to tangle your red string through as many tiles as possible, with certain combinations unlocking extra bonus points. This is as refined and well conceived as any puzzle game I've played in the last year. I've fallen in love with Entanglement, and I think you will too.

I've had three goes, and my record is 141. Give it a go and post your best scores below.

Entanglement [Gopherwood Studios]

Thanks to Jim Carnage for the great suggestion


    Nice puzzle mechanic and great music. My best so far is 156 on my fourth go - I'll be saving this one to my favs to pass time at work :)

      + 1 on saving this to favorites!.. I got 189!

      217 HiScore for Big Breezy Trashcan

        Holy crap. Going to try and beat that score now.

          Good Luck Mark - You really have to plan the whole space rotating pieces so that terminations occur on the outside blocks giving you the best chance of running it through multiples without hitting the edge.

            323! and I will email it to Mark to prove it!

              Actually easier.. on the score list Clever Exploding Yak!

                Nice work Woodze - This may just keep escalating...

    way to get my name wrong :P

    + it's an excellent example of HTML5 for games.

    I got 174 on my first go and haven't beat that in 3 or 4 tries since. I have managed to fill every tile, but that wasn't my highest scoring game.

    187 on my first real go, after I worked out what I was doing! lol

    Could lose so many hours to that game...

    Took a few tries but just hit 219

    Great game! It works really well!

    I fluked a 259 first try. Lovely pumped grasshopper.

    One of the best LTWs I reckon, although my ardour is misrepresented by my high score of 181

    Played my first game, 7 points. Not sure what is happening. Then halfway through my second, accidentally click rotate to many times and +3s and +4s are flying... eureka. I have not had a moment like that since I figured out Valkyria Chronicles. It just clicked. Hooked in .2 seconds. Then Chrome froze. Dang.

    Would love to see that ported to Silverlight and Windows Phone 7.. love it.

    I'm a bit late, but this little gem is amazing.

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