LunchTimeWaster: Just Dodged A Bullet

Previously bullet dodging has only been possible post-montage, or after years of Kung Fu training, but now - thanks to Madness Reaction Time - you can dodge bullets on the regular. And time your reactions whilst doing so.

Madness Reaction Time is basically a reaction time tester - a stick man draws a gun. You wait for him to fire the gun and the faster you react to the bullet, the more points you receive. React before the bullet is fired and you lose points.

My high score so far is 12495. Post yours in the comments below and let's see who has the fastest reaction time on Kotaku...

Madness Reaction Time [Kongregate]


    1st attempt was 14038

    Played a couple of times. 14294 & 16084. I just can't go quicker than 0.18 :(

    I got 10,240 - Pretty cool game.

      I got this exact score too.

    12377 woooo..... im going to try again later when im NOT dead tired.

    Best reaction .198

    level 9 you had to get under .195

    nice find btw mark really enjoyed this for the lunch break fun times

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