LunchTimeWaster: Paintballs

Fancy playing a Geometry Wars clone with a few twists here and there? I certainly did, and that's why I tried BattlePaint - a game that has you blasting blobs of paint, spraying said paint all over the battlefield, then smearing the paint all over the joint.

Main downfall - totally rubbish music. But besides that, I had a crazy amount of fun playing this game. It's obviously derivative, and nowhere near as engaging as Geometry Wars, but as a throwaway flash game it's worth busting a lunchbreak over.

I only played it once and my score was 19,648. Who can beat that?

(Probably everyone.)

BattlePaint [Kongregate]


    30,342 on my first go! That's a pretty groovy game! Dun really understand how you get the powerup, but it's damn handy when you do!

    Mark, you really should know better than to throw down a score gauntlet here.

    The kommunity is certain to pick it up.


    69,620 :/

    42,018... but I didn't realise you could hold down the shoot button XD

    Anyway. Love the game, would have been great if they switched the shooting controller to the mouse.

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