LunchTimeWaster: Swingers

When I see flash games based on stuff I used to do when I was a kid, my heart tingles with the sweet nostalgia of youth. In Pogo Swing! you get the chance to play that game you (probably) used to play on the playground - using the swing to see who can jump the furthest.

In terms of gameplay, Pogo Swing! follows the 'Shopping Cart Hero' formula of allowing you to upgrade your swing, and your skills, adding extra benefits to your mad swinging skills. In execution, however, it's one of the best games of that ilk, with a cute art style and an interesting swinging mechanic to boot.

All in all, Pogo Swing! works as a perfect little distraction.

Pogo Swing! [Armor Games]


    You used to be a swinger as a kid? Quick, someone inform Carole Lieberman!

    Managed to complete the game (buy the rocket seat upgrade basically) in 36 swings

    What a strange ending. 26 attempts (took me one to realise how to use the rocket)

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