LunchTimeWaster: Unforgiven

Duplicator is not a forgiving game. It assumes you are a genius. It laughs at you. It prods you with a stick. Then, when you start to get the gist of things, it makes you feel like a genius. Then it's your turn. You get to go around your place of work prodding everyone with a stick. Because that's geniuses do. They prod. With sticks.

Anyway - to the game. Duplicator is a puzzley affair. Imagine Braid was about only a couple of time mechanics instead of many. And wasn't quite as good. And was in black and white. And didn't have a gorgeous art style. That's kinda what Duplicator is like.

Of course we're being terribly unfair - by flash standards Duplicator is actually incredibly well polished, and is genuinely innovative in a number of ways. Best be prepared for that harsh learning curve though. And get your prodding stick ready.

Duplicator [Newgrounds]


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