Man Steals $12 Million In Online Cash From Farmville Creators

British hacker Ashley Mitchell thought it would be a hoot to steal $US12 million from Zynga, the creators of Facebook games like Farmville and Cityville. And it would have been! If he hadn't been caught.

Mitchell's story reads like a textbook bungled burglary. He hacks into a Zynga server, running popular online card game Zynga Poker, and steals 400 billion of the game's betting chips, which have an official worth of around $US12 million.

Only once stolen, they're not worth anywhere near that much. Outside the bounds of the game, on the black market, they're "only" worth $US300,000. And Mitchell could only offload a third of them before he was caught.

He's admitted his crimes to a British court and, once convicted, faces "a substantial jail term".

Hacker admits stealing $US12million worth of poker chips from US gaming company [Herald Express]


    and I woulda gotten away with it too, it it weren't for you meddlin' kids.

    He used hacking for the greater good, petition for royal pardon for this man? anyone? "The petition for the release of the warrior against personal information theft." Someone start that if only for the lulz.

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