Mario Bros. As A Cheesy Adult Film

A plumber. Laying pipe. A lady in a pink dress, and oh, those mushrooms. Super Mario Bros. is not a dirty movie, but if it were, it'd probably look something like this, complete with obligatory Dr. Mario gag.

This is the latest parody from YouTuber DrCoolSex, whose previous parodies include Super Mario Bros: Jersey Shore and Mario Kart: The Movie.


    "Super Mario Bros. is not a dirty movie"

    Sorry, but..

    Super Hornio Brothers has already seen to that

      Super Bario Bros. is the one I've heard of.

      AND Super Hornio Bros has a sequel!

      Their worst mistake?

      Giving Ron Jeremy the name "Squeejee" and NOT "Hornio"!

    Ahahaha omg its so bad

    He's also got the moustasche.

    Good Lord! Why?

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