Mario Checkers, Mario RC Cars, Mario Memory Game??

By the time I saw some Mario and Luigi Halloween costumes at Toy Fair in New York City today, I was done taking pictures of Mario merchandise. There's a lot of Mario stuff being made by a battalion of the world's toy-makers. Perhaps you've seen some of it. Around many corners at Toy Fair there was more Mario....

This is the Mario checkers game from USAopoly, the company that makes Monopoly ... and the already-released Nintendo Monopoly, of course.)

The USAopoly people, who sell Donkey Kong Jenga, now also have a Mario version of a card-flipping memory game. It includes power-ups.

The puzzle on the left is old. The one on the right is coming soon from USAopoly.

There are lots of radio-control car sellers at Toy Fair. Therefore there were some Mario ones. Here's Yoshi from Goldie International.

And here's RC Car Mario. Also from Goldie International.


    I have the Yoshi RC Car. It slides around pretty good and shit.

      This comment made me lol.

    i Have both those puzzles, you can buy them from toys r us in Australia at least

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