Mario, You Look Better In A Giant Mechanised Battle Suit

You've never seen Mario like this before. Not unless you dreamed he was in a game developed by Epic for the Xbox 360.

This amazing re-interpretation of the humble little plumber is by artist Marat Ars. His humble little friend Yoshi has been replaced by a hulking mecha suit, quaint fireballs switched out with what looks like a giant flamethrower and Princess Peach is looking a lot less wholesome.

This is so absurd, yet so well done that I would actually play this. Not that Nintendo would ever make a game anything like it, but hey, a man can dream.

Mario Bastard Cartoon – Final Concept [CoolVibe]


    I wonder what Bowser would look like.

      i assume bowser is the dragon in the first pic, also the look of mario is very similar to eric powells the goon

    Where's his mustache?

    I would play this game and love it, then play with and make love to it.

    I would finally be able to enjoy a Mario game, and the Mario franchise if it incorporated this marvelous vision.

    Mind Blown

    Yowsa, that gal's a PEACH!

    Super Meatcube Bros.

    No moustache = not Mario.

    Has nothing to do with plumbing... Good job.

      Well unless in some weird ass future, plumbers have to destroy life sized germs that jump out from your toilet/sinks/pipes etc.

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