Mega Man, Duke Nukem, Sonic, Gears Of War 3, Twisted Metal And More... The Last Big Toy Fair 2011 Gallery

So. Many. Video. Game. Toys. At. Toy. Fair. 2011. How 'bout we put a bunch of 'em in a gallery, huh? Sound good?

This is Meg Man from D-Arts

NECA's Duke Nukem Forever statue, set for April release.

NECA's Claptrap (from Borderlands), scheduled for May.

NECA's Gears of War 3

NECA's Gears of War 3

More of NECA's Gears of War line

More of NECA's Gears of War line

Ratchet & Clank RC figures and Twisted Metal RC vehicles, coming later this year from NKOK

Halo RC vehicles, some new, some old (I break it down in the video) from NKOK

Sonic RC Cars from NKOK

Sonic toys from Zoofy.

Medal of honour RC war vehicles from Interactive Toys, each armed with infrared sensors so they can battle.

Need for Speed Mega Bloks, the first time the Lego-like company is doing anything with EA's popular racing game series.

Tekken 6 Jin Kazama 1/4 scale polystone statue from Triad Toys, coming out later this year.

Angry Birds plushies and "playground balls" from Good Stuff. There was a whole other booth full of Angry Birds stuffed animals, but they didn't want pictures of their stuff taken. Too bad for them.

Early statues for the next Deus Ex game, mostly unpainted, from Square-Enix.

An unpainted sneak peak at the hero of Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker from the toy and statue wing of Square-Enix.


    Could that last Gears 3 shot be D. Carmine, or is it just a generic soldier?

    Some nice stuff there... wouldn't mind a bunch of them...

    I'm disappointed. I read Twisted Metal in the title and theres no images.

    Why do they feel the need to include Warehog for Sonic figures? -facepalm-

    Wouldn't mind getting my hands on Mega Man, Duke or Snake.

    I want the Big Boss figurine so badly.

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