Minecraft Goes Through The Looking Glass Of Garry's Mod

Garry's Mod is powerful, but not this powerful. That's where "Photoshop" comes in. But this brilliant Minecraft/Half-Life 2 mashup uses both to tell a charming story.

Before you go asking OMG, where's the texture pack, here's the scoop. Artist Robbaz recorded the opening in Minecraft, went through the portal, then spliced in a recording made in a Half-Life 2 map made to look like Minecraft.

Still, it's nice to see the Creepers get the business end of an M-60.

Minecraft - The Source Portal [YouTube]


    Gary's Mod IS that powerful...that's one of the reasons many people prefer the relaxed nature of minecraft.

    Quite clever. With a little bit extra planning and pacing it could have been amazing. One example is that the music didn't match how the scenario played out. May have been better with a greater horde of creepers / zombies and the machine gun not being so effective.

    That's an M249, not an M60, An M60 would shred the hell out of creepers.

    I think they should have used the Creeper's sounds, not the zombies, and used a proper model, not a human Creeper model.

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