Model Of Classic Shooter Painted In Pure Beauty

Ikaruga, the 2001 shoot'em up, is a gorgeous looking game. So if an Ikaruga model is going to be an accurate reproduction, it needs to be gorgeous. This finished model does not disappoint.

Late last year, an unpainted version was shown at the All Japan Hobby Show in Tokyo. Here is a completed version, painted and put together. It is stunning. Japanese figure maker is slated this 1/144 scale Ikaruaga to ship mid 2011 but hasn't yet revealed the price.

Developed by Treasure and the spiritual sequel to Radiant Silvergun, Ikuraga was released in Japanese arcades in 2001 and hit the Dreamcast the following year. The game featured a polarity mechanic, requiring players to switch back and forth between white and black as they shot enemies. In 2008, it was re-released on Xbox Live Arcade.

GA Graphic:コトブキヤ「斑鳩」プラキット続報!! 原型を撮影させてもらったぞ [GA Graphic via Mecha Damashii via GameSetWatch]


    It's so... pretty!

    Ikaruga is pretty much the reason I held onto my Gamecube and Freeloader. Keep praying for it to come to the PSN.

    Please Sony/Treasure?

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