More PSP Cooking (But Not Stupid Or Gross)

A couple of misguided Japanese kids decided it would be funny to make PSP tempura. It wasn't. It was actually depressing and scary. But the folks at Japanese comedy troupe Megawin aren't nearly as thick.

Instead of actually trying to eat a PSP, which will, you know, probably kill you, Megawin uses a PSP case to make sabazushi, or mackerel sushi. The dish is a favourite in Western Japan, and Megawin shows how easy it is to make it with a mackerel, rice, rice vinegar, sugar and a PSP case. Also, you'll need a refrigerator too, a fan, plastic wrap and a knife. Oh, a blowtorch, if you've got one.

You can even take the sabazushi with you on the go for some portable eating action and share with your friends for some local multi... eating.


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