Mortal Kombat: Australian Edition

Yes, we know, this is serious - but Kotaku regular Andrew Burdusel rustled up this little photoshop that we think sums up our situation quite nicely.

Click on the image to see the full glory.


    heyyy Andrew!! Lookin good up there in flashing lights!

    I still think this is an absolute klassic!

    I think the bunny one might be pushing it, thats pretty hardcore :P

    Love it, needed a laugh this morning :)

      very hardcore. rabbit stew, anyone?

      The Bunnies are actually also from another MK game ;)

        Yep, a character in MK Trilogy (Kitana I think) had an Animality where he turned into a killer rabbit, Monty Python style. If memory serves me right, Ermac did a magic trick with a rabbit as his Friendship too.

      That's no ordinary rabbit. That's the most foul, cruel, and bad-tempered rodent you ever set eyes on!

        You manky Scots git. What's he do? Nibble your bum?

    I knew the moment Mark realised you did this brilliant work he would put it up of the front page. Very nicely done, and there's nothing as fun as taking your littluns to those indoor playgrounds and taking over the ball pit. Every house should have one. :)

    Bahaha very good. I liked the Portal one most.

    As a future chiropractor, that sub zero chiro one is amazing. Im stealing that quote!

      My original quote was “I’ll FREEZE! Your lower back pain” But it sounded a bit too stupid

      That turned into “Let me freeze your payments with my flexible payment options” But it wouldn’t fit on the sign.

      So I just went back to basics.

        the kitana one is kind of kinky. but only if the fatality follows up with something for that position.

    Okay that was pretty awesome!

    RE Bunnies.

    "death awaits you all with sharp nasty pointy teeth!"

    i live in Australia and i even say that our government is a bunch of sissies thinking their doing a good job...

      I live in Australia and I can't wait to move away from all this crap

    LOL! Awesome, well done.

    There needs to be a competition.
    Best PG rated Fatality wins an imported copy of MK?
    Hey Kotaku? Make it happen?

    Ah, it'll get released, one way or another. I wasn't too excited about it anyway.

    the really funny thing is that the ban makes no differnece to the games availibility... i love the internet

    Day One Purchase!!

    OK, while this is funny and all, does anyone know what Netherrealm studios and WBIE are doing to get MK9 legalised here, if anything?

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