MotorStorm Game Yanked In New Zealand After Earthquake

MotorStorm: Apocalypse is an upcoming racing game that features buildings falling down all around you. In the wake of a devastating earthquake in the city of Christchurch, that's apparently resulted in the game no longer being released in New Zealand.

We've been told retailers began notifying pre-ordering customers yesterday, saying that while the decision has been made now out of respect for those affected by the earthquake - which has killed over 100 people - Sony may revisit the matter in the future when it's a bit less sensitive.

These reports have been made by customers, and have not yet been confirmed by Sony. We're reaching out to the publisher for confirmation, and will update if we hear back.

UPDATE - Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has confimed the move.

Thanks Simon and Tim!


    Well, personally I don't like it when companies make decisions for us. I mean sure, I am in no way connected to the earthquake over there, but still...

    Surely they couldn't have just made a warning to anyone who was going to but it? Like a sticker or something, saying that the game involves graphic scenes of destruction similar to an earthquake.

      So ... does that mean MW3 isn't gonna come out cause an Aussie soldier died recently over in the Middle East?

      What garbage.

      No one is making Kiwis buy the game and it surely isn't marketed on the in game earthquake like "OMG buy Motorstorm cause EARTHQUAKES YEAH!!!"

    I think this might be a little of an over reaction. What happened in Christchurch was terrible, but not advertising the game would have been enough. Not that it would have been advertised anyway, it is after all a Sony 1st party game. I can however see why they would delay it's release, at least they are thinking.

    how pathetic another case of Political correctness gone to far


    To be honest i can see why they're doing this, not out of respect for the new zealand people or those effected by the quake but just the media shit storm they'd potential face if they did. weighing up like an incredibly small market potential verse potentially looking really bad internationally it makes sense.

    It's like we ban Call Of Duty cos It has you shooting peoples and peoples get shot everywhere.

    Way to kick them while their down. Seriously, I mean buildings fall down in a million other games, movies and tv shows. Whats so different about this one?

    Look at it from the reverse perspective: If they did release it, you can almost bet your bottom dollar that some random group would've jumped on it and started a big campaign against Sony, calling them out in the media etc. It's a lose/lose for Sony really. Damned if they do, damned if they don't.

    Sony are doing this as a pro-active brand exercise. Only negative brand awareness would have been achieved by this games release in NZ, while bodies are still in the rubble

    Only negative opinions would be associated with the Sony brand if this title was released in NZ while bodies are still in the rubble.
    Sony are more than one game title, good PR move

    "Don't mention the war!"

    at least they will get mortal kombat!!!

    Ohhh my that's rich so I guess they have to ban Enslaved, Fallout, I am Alive etc because they look too similar to the events?

    Sony have a bunch of idiots working for them with no balls.

    Hey life goes on, promote the game and offer a percentage to aid a relief fund to help the people.

    "Political Correctness" = Censorship

      They aren't banning it, they are just not releasing it - as pointed out above releasing it would just mean a bunch of dicks start complaining in the media. That's not a decision by a bunch of idiots with no balls, that's a decision by a bunch of people who like keeping their jobs

    Thats it *slams fist down* I'm going to boycott Angry birds now as I just saw a pig get hurt.

    Ok, i get it...yes big disaster happened here in New Zealand..and Song would get a tonne of people shitting on them for it...but seriously, life goes use crying about it, shit happens...i mean hell...look at all these games to do with war...look at Medal Of Honor for instance..that had you playing as the terrorists in multiplayer...ok, yeah that got a few complaints...but that didn't stop EA from releasing it, you are always going to have a hate/love relationship towards anything in this world, i would understand holding it off here for awhile....but not all together, that is just plain...stupid.

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