MTV Games Shuts Its Doors

MTV Games Shuts Its Doors

MTV Games didn’t really have a presence in Australia – both Rock Band and Dance Central were distributed by EA in this country – but MCV are currently reporting that the company is now in the process of closing, after the sale of Harmonix to Columbus Nova for the grand sum of $50US.

As interest in rhythm games such as Rock Band and Guitar Hero waned, so did the sales of Rock Band 3 – which reviewed well, but didn’t make the impact at retail that MTV Games had hoped for. We’re unsure how much of an impact this had on MTV Games as a business, but it is testament to the fact that mainstream consumers have seemingly moved on to other things.

According to MCV, only a handful of staff remain in the MTV Games offices, tying off loose ends.

More news as we get it.

MTV Games closed [MCV UK]


  • Activision and Guitar Hero destroyed the rhythm genre with their yearly GH games, sure EA/MTV Games would have put pressure on Harmonix to help get the likes of Beatles, Green Day and LEGO out the door but even those games had more work in them than a rehashed GH engine.

    I’ve been getting back into RB3 recently and also finally got around to exporting tracks from my other games… The Rock Band platform is simply glorious and is incredibly polished.

    Harmonix as a developer are simply in their own league, they brought us the original Guitar Hero, they expanded to bring the Band concept first and now further the genre with both Keyboards and Pro instruments.

    Even though it’s expansive if you buy into every aspect, there is no denying that that Harmonix are the best thing for the genre and they can continue long support for RB still.

    Also, if they could squeeze out a FreQuency 2 for PSN/NGP cross-compatibility, then life would be complete. :p

    • At least Guitar Hero you could keep using the same instruments.
      Rock Band 3 was all new. People didnt want to invest in a whole new kit. Simple as that.

      • I’m using the original Rock Band instruments on Rock Band 3 as we speak, so you can use the same instruments…

        The options of Keyboard, Pro Guitar and/or Pro Drum Add On are not forced on the consumer in anyway, but they are there as an option if you want to try something different. Personally, am keen to eventually pick up the Keyboard, the Guitar is abit too hardcore, but I think a Keyboard will be fun.

        All the new DLC is still made to be compatible to the base instruments, there are no Pro Only songs where you need only a Pro Guitar, etc…

        • Yeah, my advice is to only buy the Pro guitar if you want to learn to play the guitar. The Pro guitar feels like a lesson, not a game. And, unless you know how to play the guitar, you can’t really play it “on the fly” like you can with the original controllers.

          Whenever friends come around to play RB3, we ditch the Pro guitar and just use an old Rock Band guitar and an ancient Guitar Hero guitar.

      • See this is where EA or whoever is responsible for marketing Rock band in Australia failed. The comment by Warcroft about needing new instruments shows that the marketing was so poor that it is not common knowledge that all Rock Band instruments can be used on all thier titles. I love Rock Band, I have all versions that have come out, I have an original drum kit, and a new pro kit, and a slew of guitars (some ar GH guitars). Rock Band is truly the better platform, but poor marketing has let it down in Australia. Not to mention the difficulty for retailers to stock certain iterations of the game (No Rock band 2, Limited supply of Green Day Rock Band) or the instruments (Any Rock Band 3 instrument bar the keyboard).

    • The reason that it got old was that they ran out of decent songs too soon

      So when you get to ghv and rb3

      What’s the point

      And tv will always be the inferior product to me purely because they treated Australia like dirt for no reason what so evere( except maybe skimping out in liscensing the song for our region)

  • Well, MTV Games basically WAS Harmonix, so it comes as no big surprise there.

    I don’t think Dance Central was distributed by EA though – I thought it was a Microsoft-distributed title – which would explain why it did well in terms of shelf space.

    But as it always does, RB’s success (or lack of) in Australia was due to promotion and management. No promotion = no sales. No release (of RB2) or delayed release (RB1) = low sales.

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