My Top 10 Favourite LunchTimeWasters

It seems like every time I post a LunchTimeWaster, I find myself saying, 'this is the greatest LunchTimeWaster' ever! Yeah… I'm prone to hyperbole sometimes! So I thought that, since it's Friday afternoon, and since I've got some time to kill, I might as well go through my top 10 favourite LunchTimeWasters of all time.

10. SHIFT: Freedom One screen platform puzzlers are the flash standard - but this is one of the best. A mind bending, physics defying effort that does what all great puzzle games do: makes you feel like a goddamn genius.

9. Enemy 585 An entertaining diversion that was probably more clever than it was fun - but did a great job of satirising the mindless henchmen that endlessly patrol platformer games. Those poor little bastards!

8. Achievement Unlocked Another effort that takes the royal piss out of all those games that seek to keep you compelled by throwing numbers and achievements at you like a bloody pinball machine. Achievement Unlocked takes that sort of thing to its logical conclusion, and it's hilariously unplayable!

7. Endeavour For some reason this took me back to the feeling I got from SNES RPGs like Secret of Mana - but squished into a Metroid style platformer.

6. ImmorTALL This one comes from before my time - but I remember it well! An anti-war flash game that made me feel a bit sad...

5. Thomas Was Alone I loved this game – a fresh game mechanic stripped right down to its root. I get the feeling that an incredible, more fleshed out LIVE Arcade game based on these mechanics would be awesome.

4. No Time To Explain This game is so badass it'll peel the skin off your testicles. If it was longer it may have made number one.

3. After Years In A Dark Tunnel I only wish someone had the balls to make a AAA big budget title this bold and affecting. Stranded on a isolated planet, you have to keep hope alive in the midst of loneliness and desperation.

2. Entanglement Maybe I'm going crazy, or maybe it's just because I only discovered this recently, but I can't stop playing Entanglement. It's open on my browser right now. I have no idea why I don't have to pay to play this in-depth puzzler - but it's free. And you should take advantage of that fact by playing it right now.

1. K.O.L.M When I first thought about this list, I had no doubt that K.O.L.M. would be number one. Yes, it's a Metroid clone - but it's so well crafted, and so seamlessly made, that over the Christmas break I played through it from start to finish twice – instead of playing the piles of AAA console release I had next to my TV. If you haven't played it yet – make sure you do. Incredible.

This is just my own personal list – if you think differently, please let me know some of your favourites in the comments below.


    I think it's called One Button Arthur or soemthing like that. That was such a great game.

    I agree with most of them. I would honestly swap number 4 with number 1 though. I absolutely loved "No time to explain". Best flash game EVER! :D

    How about sending some of those AAA piles to us? :P

    Nevertheless, good list.

    Good idea to do a "best of" list.

    I've liked:

    Coma (Artsy Platformer)
    Armed with Wings 3 (Action Platformer)
    Epos (Turned Based RPG)

    Just played through endeavour. Really great minamilist game. I had stronger reactions to that than most triple A titles i've played recently.

    Great stuff.

    Great list. I concur with your choices.

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