'NEStalgia' Takes The MMO Beautifully Back To 1987

What if Dragon Warrior or Final Fantasy were playable online with other role-playing heroes? We'd have something like NEStalgia, the newly released multiplayer online RPG that looks old school, but plays modern.

NEStalgia's creators describe their free-to-play game as "Dragon Warrior 3 meets World of Warcraft," complete with quests, "epic loot", player-versus-player action, an auction house for goods and much, much more. There's an optional subscription fee, but players really just need to download the client and sign up for a BYOND account.

Grab at the official site, if you're game.

NEStalgia [Official Site via Indiegames.com]


    So Jimu, still no MMO's? :)

    Man I wish I sat at the back of the office!

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