New Halo: Reach Maps Revealed

New Halo: Reach Maps Revealed

New Halo: Reach Maps RevealedFrench Halo fansite, Halo-Destiny has somehow gotten their hands on the upcoming map pack for Halo: Reach. And apparently one of the three maps being released is designed specifically for Firefight.

That map is Unearthed an open Firefight map designed specifically for four players.

As for the other two maps, Condemned appears to be designed specifically for four versus four team slayer skirmishes, while Highlands focuses on big team battle gametypes, created for 8-16 players.

It seems like Bungie are taking a scattershot approach to this new map pack, designing three different maps for three distinct types of players. Considering that you have to pay for all three as part of a package, that may upset some players, but Halo fans that enjoy all facets of the game – ie me – will most likely be happy to pay for a map pack that will presumably sell for 800 Microsoft points.

Some blurry pics, taken from Halo-Destiny, can be seen below.

New Halo: Reach Maps Revealed
New Halo: Reach Maps Revealed
New Halo: Reach Maps Revealed

Thanks to Dax01 at Neogaf for spotting this.


  • Even though I feel like I never get to play the maps from these map packs enough – I’ll still buy them. The last map pack was good, even if it was just invasion on Breakpoint over and over and over and over.

  • Mark, no population left. Whenever i come online only 19000 people and because there are about 20 playlists you can only get about 1000 per playlist which is lacklustre.

    Why do you think Bungie has struggled to keep a handle on the community like it did with Halo 2 + 3?

    • Yeah I remember seeing over 100k in social slayer alone at the height of H3.
      Perhaps reach is both more of the same and also less accessible to casual players.

      • From

        Players online (last 24hr)

        Maybe it’s a time difference issue you’re seeing. When I played the other day, there were plenty of people online (didn’t have to wait for a match at all, really).

    • When do you play? Whenever I go on there are usually at least 100,000 people online and about 20, 000 in Slayer alone, the popularity of Reach is quite high still.

      Try and play Dead Space 2 online or Uncharted 2, I can guarantee there will be less than 10 thousand at a time…you may not even find a game. Assassins Creed has fared a little better.

  • Halo Destiny is currently offline. A note on their front page reads (after translation):

    ‘Following a recent request of Microsoft and Bungie aimed at the withdrawal of a new vis à vis of the future pack of cards (Defiant Map Pack) of the Halo: Reach, the site is temporarily unavailable. Thank you for your understanding.’

  • whats the point of these map packs when barely anyone are playing on the current DLC..ive only seen around 1000-2000 players on the DLC..not that I bought it but it would make for long waiting times..tight arse bungie should just give us some freebies

      • Good point, clearly giving away free stuff can only lead to financial ruin. I feel so sorry for Valve and all the starving people there, but they bring it on themselves with their fool notion of supporting their customers and growing good will at the cost of a quick buck!

        • Puck, do you have anything of value you’d like to give to us, for free?

          Anything you’ve worked for years on? Surely you don’t want to begrudge us a kindness that you expect from other people?

          • I do give away things for free all the time, it’s an important part of my business: “Under-promise and over-deliver” is an important motto to me.

            The more that you give somebody things that they didn’t think they were getting, the more Good Will you build up, and the more likely they’ll come back to you with their money when the next job comes up. Valve give away free maps and updates to their games all the time, which has given them a reputation as a developer that treats their customers well – based on Newell’s idea of “entertainment as a service”. Some businesses have more valuable Good Will than any of their tangible assets, which is why branding is so important.

            I’m not saying that Bungie shouldn’t charge for their map packs. I’m saying that it’s ignorant to think that giving away free extras is necessarily a bad idea for a business, as Peter Simpson seemed to imply.

  • I have only played the single player and a little of the beta when I had live. I’d rather save the money.

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