New Relic RTS Reveal Coming In 2011


    Hello kitty and the conquest of the candy store

    Dear Relic,

    I will give you my soul, and sign over the souls of my first born, and his first born, if you give us Homeworld 3

    Homeworld 3 pleas AND promote it by releasing Homeworld 1 & 2 on GOG (also steam, gamersgate and all those others but I only care that it comes out on gog)

    Relic should pick up a Gaunt's Ghost novel or better yet get their very own Dan Abnett to write them a war story and make a brand new Dawn of War....or any other war game

    Company of Heroes 2 please!

    New IP perhaps? I don't care. Relic games are amazing. still playing homeworld 2 & dow & coh.

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