Nintendo 3DS Goes Akimbo With Dual-Wielding Game

Just when you thought one stylus for the 3DS would be enough. You were wrong.

"Touch! Double Pen Sports" is an upcoming sports game for the 3DS that uses - wait for it - two touch pens. The game features seven different sports, such as baseball and boxing, and three different types of "exercise" games.

These exercise games focus on using both the right and the left hand at the same time and are divided in to three categories: "Separate", "Trace" and "Symmetry". But the real story here is two touch pens!

While this is the first 3DS game to feature two touch pens, Namco Bandai did release Taiko no Tatsujin games for the Nintendo DS that used two touch pens, too. And the original Nintendo DS (the fat one), had a nub on the strap that could conceivably be used as a second stylus. But those were 2D.

『タッチ! ダブルペンスポーツ』2本のタッチペンで遊ぶ新感覚スポーツゲーム [ファミ通.com]


    Too bad there's no multi touch so it doesn't actually work.

    Lol now I can use chopstick skills for more than just eating =D

    I tried using two styluses with several games on the original DS. The DS got confused whenever I did it, because it is not a multitouch screen.
    Is the 3DS multitouch? I haven't previously heard anything stating this.

      all though i never tried it on a game i did notice it in pictochat (you know that thing on the ds that was utterly pointless and was used for the sole purpose of destroying boredom for 20 minutes) that when i accidentally touched the screen with the thumb on my left hand(hmm don't know why i went into so much detail there) that the line i was drawing would jerk out if control towards it and the back to my stylus. although Hotel Dusk Room 215 does actually utilize multitouch in one puzzle where you have to turn on a fuse box but theres two switches.

    Hah! Try playing that sucker on public transport!

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