Nintendo 3DS Priced And Dated For Australia

We've just this second received word on the Australian pricing and launch date for the Nintendo 3DS.

The 3DS will retail at $349.95 and will be available in stores March 31.

More news as we get it.

So will you be picking up a Nintendo 3DS at this price? Is it fair/unfair?


    Hmm, the price point is high enough to make me think twice but low enough that I wouldn't ignore it outright. Guess I'll wait until there's a game that I HAVE to have before I consider buying it.

    i have my import because of the Region locking

    but 350 is actually slightly decent

    Now I would like to know when the 3DS lite is coming out? :p

      TBH, I rather the XL. My hands are big, so the Light is not that great for me. lol

    Mr. Squirrels, via Twitter: "I will now do a silly thing of your choice".


    *Ignores entirety of post*

    *looks at time posted*


    What is this?!

    I will be buying depending on the software pricing. Any word on that?

    No, Im waiting for the NGP.

    Pretty much the perfect price for Aus. I will get one, I just hope the games don't cost too much.

    All things considered, it's not a terrible price. I won't be getting one because of lack of spare funds and the NGP holding my interest much more.

    Pretty happy with that price (Well... not HAPPY, but happy that it wasn't $399).

    I'll get one after all the region locking, battery life, etc have been fully tested (maybe).

    It'd be pretty hard to argue that it's "fair" - it's unfortunately naive to expect us to get the same price as the US, but a $100 dollar mark-up is an insult - but I might pay that. It's probably the most I would consider paying, but I will consider it. I don't think it's the price itself that bothers me so much as the huge disparity between our price and the US's. If it weren't for the region locking I don't think I'd have any second thoughts about importing.

      Yeah, the $100 mark-up is off putting for me. I would import if it wasn't for region locking.

      Oh well, its not urgent. I only play pokémon which is being released for DS.

        Surely the Region locking is a prime example of why to import. Then just import the games along with it

        not only are they cheaper. some launch earlier so by the time its posted it ends up the same

        plus then you get the US store DS store instead of the AU one

        which due to needing to re rate everything in australia is always somewhat lacklustre

      I didn't really expect it any less. It is, after all, only $50 more than the DSi XL's RRP, and there was no way Nintendo would release it at the same.

        That's already $100 too expensive - I find it bizarre that I was able to buy a GBA for $200, a DS Lite for $200 but now the new generation the priced has climbed 75%.

        We still don't know what the region locking situation is (DS games are already expensive - well the Nintendo published titles anyway) so I'll be holding off till later in the year before deciding whether to import or just bend over...

      Import the console and then import all the games?

      Also, it's inevitable that the console will get hacked eventually, and when it does you'll be able to play games from all regions on it, like the Freeloader did for the Wii

        Is that the same Freeloader which doesn't work on the Wii any more because they updated the firmware to block it?

        Yeah, I'm considering doing just that (and have been since before any prices were announced at all): getting a 3DS when I'm in Japan in a few months and then just importing games. Would be handy down the road too, since I'll probably be spending a fair bit of time over there.

      Its an unfortunate part of living in Aus, we pay a premium for everything.

      I think thats also why they never give us a price and date on the same day as the US or any where else.

    That's a pretty good price. I'm definitely preordering this.

    Is it just me or is everything in italics :S

      Not just you.

      Also, saving up for NGP instead.

    This bodes well for the NGP. >___>

      Then just wait for the NGP. You'll shit bricks.

      If we're going by the DS/PSP example, it'll be anywhere between $600-700.

        Wow... $700 for a handheld? If this is true, the RIP NGP in Australia (the diehards like me will import it, but it's regional market will be dead)

    Price is naturally still crap since we're getting charged more, but hell, this is about $100 less than I was expecting.

    Still, I think I'll hold off until the inevitable 3DS Lite/XL etc.
    That or Megaman Legends 3. Whichever comes first.

    A Wii is cheaper with games included. I'm holding off until Zelda is released.

      A 360 is cheaper - and it wouldn't suprise me if you could find a PS3 for that much!

        yeah but carrying a ps3 around on a bus with you gives you such a pain in the back! Urk! Forget about the 50 inch television.

          HAHAHAHA! You are also forgetting the 300 kilometres of extension cable, :-P

    Well, I was fully expecting a $400 price so thats a somewhat nice surprise. As for the date, I guess its not much of a wait - I can definitely hold out.
    I'll be picking one up day dot, now the dates for the games....

    UNFAIR! It should be around the US$250 price point - Mario has screwed us with his plumbing equipment! :-(

    Nope, was tempted, but I think the 3D is a gimmick and I have come to realise I play with my phones games more than I break out my DS. Zelda is tempting but I might wait for a price drop.

    Also need to see how sick the 3D makes me feel when playing it too.

    We should be able to import them from the eu due to it being pal unless nintendo have gone all kotick

    someone forgot to close an italic tag lol

    Wow. I know I'm a stingy uni student, but this truly rules out a purchase...

    ...I remember buying my gameboy color (with 2 games, mind you) for $99...

    I'll hold out and hope for a competition on Kotaku. :(

      You should ask Mark to run a comp for you on Cheap$kate Gamers, and then "Todd" could win. Problem Solved!

    40% more that the US price for no justifiable reason.

    I'll be importing :)

      There are justifiable reasons. Of course, they're things gamers don't usually care about, but only bean counters bother with. Blame it on the combined volatility of the Yen/USD/AUD, high tariffs, small population etc.

      $350 is on the low end of what most people were expecting.

        I do not mean to be rude, but what do you mean by justifiable reasons?

        Furthermore, most of the reasons I have heard (the classic one being import costs) are only justifiable if this was still 1975.

      Pretend US$250 is actually US$275, because we have a 10% tax INCLUDED in the price while they have to pay on top of the stated price depending on state.
      27% 'screw the Australian gamers' tax isn't as bad as 40%, and is much more easily explained.

      Alternatively, look at prices outside the US. Japan is getting it for 25,000 Yen, which is equivalent to AU$300. Although I don't know if that includes sales tax of any kind.

        They pay a sale tax in US, its not called GST... its called sales tax, thats why Amazon in run out of a select few states, to avoid sales tax and sell at a cheaper price. so its still 40%...

        & tarrifs, they probably have them too.

          I'm fairly sure that sales tax in the states is on top of RRP.

        Good point PiMan, 27% while still insulting is easier to accept than 40% and makes me ponder the price a little more.

        Either way, I'll keep screaming about the price until the retail industries gives us a reasonable explanation for the price hike in Oz.

    If the 3DS games maintain the low quality of DS games, then no way will I be paying $350 for one! I'll hold out for the NGP :)

      Low quality DS games? What PLANET are you from man? Zelda: Spirit Tracks, the Phoenix Wright series, the professor layton series, Mario kart, new super Mario bros, pokemon, Advance Wars, Cooking Mama (lol), The new Kirby games, Chrono Trigger, The Mario and Luigi series and countless others would like to have a word with you.

      I'm sorry DS developers actually decided to push the boundaries of the system instead of just rehashing console ports like the PSP.

        Most of those games you mention are rehashes of old franchises or direct console ports.

        Layton and Phoenix Wright are your best examples of what the DS is uniquely able to do. The World Ends with You would be my personal favourite along with other gems like Maestro and Hotel Dusk, which deserve credit for making other original experiences. I've lamented the DS' lack of power and I think too many games on it haven't compensated for it.

        Overall, I think I've had better experiences on the PSP, oddly enough. Patapon, Loco Roco, that sort of thing. Then again it was where I discovered the Monster Hunter Series, God of War's best moment in Chains of Olympus and a proper portable Kingdom Hearts game in Birth By Sleep on PSP but it's not the way people think of it, you have to go with what everyone else tells you is good.

        The DS for me is a great console people have yet to make the most of. The PSP knows what it is, but because it was priced too high initially and wasn't enough like what people expected in the west, it didn't sell well. The games are there, the DS hype has just flooded the market.

          I couldn't have said it any better there Nicolai.

          I've had the DS since launch, and where there were honestly some very good games and games that added new features such as touch screen FPS controls, it ultimately never truly excited me nor screamed classic to my face.

          The PSP, which i've only owned for 2 years, provided me with an excellent library of hidden gems, from to direct console sequels/spin-offs or some unique stuff as mentioned: Loco Roco, patapon. I suppose it's because the PSP hasn't received much hype and the games have truly surprised me.

          I will be buying both the 3DS and the PSP2 (NGP) soon enough, but my optimism will be leaning towards the PSP side of things this generation.

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